Only NETA Member Companies Offer NETA Testing Accuracy


NETA Electrical Testing

Your facility depends on electrical power to run profitably day in and day out. That's why it makes sense to test your electrical equipment - prior to acceptance and afterwards - to ensure safe, reliable power.

A NETA Member company can help ensure your equipment is thoroughly and accurately tested for reliable, trouble-free operation. That's because NETA Members are part of an independent, third-party electrical testing association dedicated to setting world standards in electrical maintenance and acceptance testing.

NETA is recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an Accredited Standards Developer. NETA defines the standards by which electrical equipment is deemed safe and reliable, and NETA Certified Technicians conduct the tests that ensure your equipment meets the association's stringent specifications.

When you utilize a NETA Member company, you know for sure:

  • The NETA Technician has broad based knowledge - this person is trained to inspect, test, maintain, and calibrate all types of electrical equipment in all types of industries.
  • NETA Certified Technicians meet the rigorous educational and experience requirements.
  • A Registered Professional Engineer will review your engineering reports.
  • Your tests will be performed objectively, according to NETA specifications, using calibrated instruments traceable to the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST).

The firm is a well-established, full-service electrical testing and maintenance business.

Only NETA can help ensure your electrical equipment is reliable - so no service provider other than a NETA Member company should perform your tests. It's that simple.

Why test to any standard other than the internationally-recognized standard for quality? Specify NETA testing and know for sure.

NETA Acceptance Testing Assures Objectivity

As independent, third-party companies. NETA Members provide an objective assessment of your electrical equipment prior to plant startup. This is important for a number of reasons.

Once the equipment leaves the manufacturer's facility it can be subjected to vibration, potential breakage, moisture, and rough handling which can distort or damage precision equipment. Installers can make incorrect connections. NETA technicians, trained on equipment from a wide variety of manufacturer's, can evaluate tests objectively for inherent electrical and mechanical problems as well as installation errors.

NETA Maintenance Testing Assures Reliability

Over time electrical equipment deteriorates due to contamination, stress, thermal cycling, aging, and other various causes. As a result, bearing surfaces can wear, connections can loosen, contacts can corrode, and insulation systems can be compromised.

When a NETA company performs regular maintenance tests you become aware of the hidden problems in your electrical system - before they become disasters. In effect, you may avoid expensive failures and unscheduled outages, and, most importantly, personal injuries.

Your NETA Member firm is trained to test, maintain, and repair all makes, models, and styles of electrical equipment, providing you a single, reliable source for quality electrical maintenance. By using a NETA Full Member company, you achieve maximum life expectancy of your electrical equipment and keep your power up and running safely.

Specify NETA Testing and Know for Sure