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Hampton Tedder Technical Services specializes in the testing and maintenance of low and high voltage electrical systems for industrial, commercial, government and utility customers. We perform Power System Studies and Equipment Repair. Our qualifications enable our personnel to meet all international as well as domestic specifications with a high degree of expertise. Hampton Tedder performs third party, independent NETA acceptance and maintenance testing of power systems. HTTS has several locations for service in Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona. We have performed testing and service throughout the US and the world. Visit our Locations page to see the various places we have been. If you need high voltage, medium voltage, or even 480V service, maintenance, or testing in the Los Angeles (LA), Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Phoenix, or Las Vegas area, we have technicians available to meet your immediate needs. Whether you need quality testing, acceptance testing, commissioning, maintenance, or emergency services, Hampton Tedder Technical Services will be there for you.

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